Angela’s First Day

September 3rd was approaching quickly, and the stressful anticipation of that first day was beginning to set in. The weeks preceding had been filled with the most significant transition of my life to-date – moving from small town New Brunswick to the largest city in the country – and needless to say, I had a lot on my plate. With only a vague idea of what I was really getting myself into, I continuously asked myself things like “am I really cut out for this?” or “am I going to like the other interns?” and, as the only non-Ontarian member of the team “do I actually know enough about Ontario politics?!”

Luckily, I was distracted from these looming thoughts by a most unexpected (and rather unfortunate) turn of events. Being my last day before the internship started, I decided to do some cycling around my new city. Long story short, I had a major wipe-out and spent the rest of the day in the emergency room having x-rays on my foot and ankle. Though not broken, it was severely sprained, and walking was a painful chore. My focus turned from those daunting “what ifs” and changed to “oh my gosh, what if I’m late because I can’t hobble fast enough?” Thankfully I was on time, and I healed fairly quickly. Besides, it was a pretty good conversation starter.

In all truth, the first day was fine. The interns were friendly and fun, and I was reassured that yes, I am cut out for this. The thrill had just begun.


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