Chelsea’s First Day

I’m sure that it will come as no surprise that I, like many interns before me, slept horribly on the eve of the OLIP orientation.  Terribly anxious and eager to embark on what I knew would be an adventure unlike any other that I’d experienced, I could only lay there and think of the endless possibilities that awaited me upon my arrival at the “Pink Palace.”  Looking back on that night, I realize that even my wildest thoughts could not have come close to the reality that is Queen’s Park.  The internship has opened my eyes to a fast paced world of people whose dedication to their jobs could hardly be matched.  I am reassured by everyone that I meet that the negative public perception of politics and politicians could not be more wrong!  Whether one agrees with a party’s politics or not, being at Queen’s Park teaches you that regardless of colour or stripe, the people working here truly want to make a positive difference for people in Ontario. Furthermore, they work very hard to do so.  As such, I am happy to note that one highlight of my orientation is a confirmation of my belief in the political process and those who have dedicated their time to making Ontario a better place.


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