Rosanne’s First Day

On September 3, 2008, I woke up far earlier than a 9:00am start time called for. After a restless sleep, I finally gave up hope of any more shut-eye, and rolled out of bed at 6:00am. By the time I left my apartment building for the short walk to Queen’s Park, I was nervous, but also quite excited to see what the day, and indeed the coming year, would hold.

Walking into the imposing, impressive legislature, I thought back to my first day of classes as an undergraduate in university. My foremost concern, as it once had been when I was worried about finding my classrooms at Brock, was finding my way to the room where OLIP orientation was to be held. My fears about getting lost in the building and showing up late for my first day of work were quickly allayed, however, when I was kindly pointed in the right direction by a security officer. A new fear quickly surfaced in place of the previous one, as I imagined walking into a room full of relative strangers, feeling shy and nervous. Though the nerves persisted, the shyness quickly dissipated. I recognized fellow interns who I had met at the OLIP spring reception a few months prior. Conversations were quickly struck with my fellow interns about summer activities, and, most importantly to us all, speculations were rampant about what the future would hold.

We did not have to wait long. Our first day was marked by a thorough overview of the OLIP program by our Director Henry Jacek, as well as our coordinators Anne Stokes, Lorraine Luski and Eithne Whaley. Though the beginning of that September morning was marked by anxieties, excitement quickly took over as the dominant emotion that I felt. I was impressed by my intern colleagues, eager to get to know them better, and above all else, thrilled at the opportunity to spend the coming year in the presence of fellow political junkies! Additionally, I now knew exactly what I had to look forward to in terms of orientation activities, work with MPPs, meetings with various individuals, and travel opportunities. I no longer had any reason to be nervous, for I was confident that the coming year would be full of great people, and amazing experiences. By the end of that first day, I wanted nothing more than to get started!


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