Kim on orientation

Orientation is a mere two weeks underway and we have already gained a wealth of knowledge about the Ontario legislature. The Clerk and Deputy Clerk of the legislative assembly have been particularly helpful in providing us with an understanding of the organization and operation of the four offices of the legislative assembly. They also informed us of various practices and procedures that regulate the legislature. Next, we met with the Clerk of Committees who explained how proposed reviewed and amended. Many of us were surprised by the extensive travel that committees undertake to ensure that all Ontarians have an equal opportunity participate in the legislative process. We have also benefited from the wisdom of leaders outside of Queen’s Park. These individuals have opened our eyes to some fascinating industries. For example, while few of us had considered malpractice and title insurance, our meeting with Lawpro CEO, Ms. Kathleen Waters, provided us with valuable insights about the insurance industry and the connection between the private sector and provincial politics. Similarly, meeting with Mr. Lynton Wilson, an accomplished businessman, proved illuminating. As someone with experience in both the public and private sector, Mr. Wilson had a unique perspective and enhanced our understanding of the relationship between these two spheres.  As orientation progresses we look forward to meeting more people at the helm of Ontario’s public and private sectors.


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