Meghan on orientation

The past month has been jam packed with meetings, meetings, and more meetings! We have been all over Toronto visiting sponsors, former interns, Officers of the Legislature, reporters, radio personalities, former politicians, and the list goes on. Each meeting has brought new insight and advice about working in and around the ‘Pink Palace’ and after reflecting on orientation, I now fully appreciate how useful the the various tips, words of wisdom, and anecdotes will prove to be in the coming months. One of the most memorable meetings was chatting with Robert Fisher from the CBC. The candid insight into the media world intrigued all of us, and the off the cuff discussion about the role of media in politics is something I particularly enjoyed. I also am learning useful skills such as networking, diplomacy and how to stuff 10 interns into an elevator comfortably!! The past month has only given us a taste of what to expect in the coming year, but I now am becoming excited about the looming Member interviews. Finally, in a couple of weeks we will be getting down to business in a Members’ office!


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