A November in the Life…

As the internship progresses towards the month of December, I can’t help but think of how time flies.  We’re now a month into our first placements with MPPs and loving every minute of it.  The saying, “every day is a new one” could not be more true than for those who live the Queen’s Park life.  My last week for example could not better demonstrate this fact. 

November 19th was our fall reception.  Meghan did an amazing job putting the whole thing together and as a result, it went off without a hitch!  It was a great opportunity for the current interns to meet with former interns and Directors of the program as well as share insights with sponsors.  Hearing stories from the past provided a lot of insight into how the program got to have such a great reputation in the first place.

On November 20th, the interns attended the annual Churchill society dinner.  A once in a lifetime opportunity, we met and had our picture taken with former Prime Minister Kim Campbell as she was honoured for her contributions to parliamentary democracy.  The entire evening was such a surreal experience as members, ministers and successful leaders everywhere came out to celebrate and enjoy some fantastic food and company!

November 21st brought a trip to Guelph University for myself and Angela, where we talked to students about the opportunities presented by the program.  The experience was repeated the following Tuesday to eager students at Lakehead U in Thunder Bay.  Needless to say, we had plenty of great stories to share.

While these experiences alone would be enough to have any intern repeating the phrase “I love my job!” over and over, they don’t even include the work we’ve done with our members during the last week.  We continue to learn and grow as we’re challenged  with new tasks on a daily basis.  Research, writing, planning, attending, listening, learning, and meeting new people have become our reality since embarking on this 10 month journey.  Recalling this last week, I can’t believe that this life is really my own, and I can’t believe my good fortune in having been chosen for the internship.  Further still, I can’t wait to see what December brings…

– Chelsea


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