The Agenda with Steve Paikin

On Friday, Nov 28, five nervous yet outwardly calm interns and their program director walked to the TVO studios in uptown Toronto for a taping of The Agenda with Steve Paikin. We were nervous because we were going to be on television yet calm because we all had each other for support. We reached the studio well ahead of schedule, as we interns always do. Over the next hour, the six of us had our make-up done, and at 3 PM we were ushered into the studio. The rest of the interns arrived as well – they were taken to the production area where they could watch us being taped. The six of us took our seats and after some friendly banter, the taping began. The next 40 minutes passed by in a flash, as the interns answered one question after another with their own original ideas and perspectives. The whole taping went by without a hitch. As we were leaving, we took a photo with our host Steve Paikin, and left the studio with big smiles on our faces. The running joke was that applications next year would go up by 500% because of this show. Let’s hope that does indeed come true.

– Tejas


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