My Placement so far…

…And before I knew it, December had arrived.

This week, when I turned the page of my calendar to December, I remembered what I was thinking just three months ago before all of this began. Nervous, and anxious, I had no idea how much fun I would have and how much I would learn in such a short amount of time. Now it all seems like old hat, but when I step back and think of some of the incredible opportunities we’ve all been given with this internship, I am still completely dumfounded. 

Though very busy, this week was especially exciting for me. We sat down with Howard Hampton, leader of the NDP, and for an hour picked his brain on all sorts of things. We got his thoughts on what might have been (and still could be) an NDP-Liberal federal coalition government, and he spelled out a reading-list he just might suggest to the next leader of his party after he steps down. Getting a brief glimpse of who this man is (outside of question period, of course), was a real privilege. 

David Miller, Mayor of Toronto, also had us in to talk with us about the relationship between the largest city in the country, and the province of Ontario. Incredibly welcoming, and enthusiastic, he introduced us to the city council. Talking with a politician involved in a non-partisan system was quite interesting, and I thought it was very useful to get a perspective that didn’t revolve around party-politics. We as interns are so used to partisan politics that it was refreshing to see an alternative way of going about making decisions. When the interns head up to Yellowknife in the new year, we’ll certainly get another taste of that, something I feel we’re all looking forward to.  

Several of the interns, myself included, got to experience the excitement of our members having their Private Members’ Bills pass third reading. France Gelinas (NDP) and Dave Levac (Liberal), whose interns are Kim and Emma respectively, had their joint bill passed on Thursday after having been introduced for first reading just a week prior. The member I’m working for, Ernie Hardeman (PC), also had his Private Members’ Bill pass on Thursday, and on his birthday to boot. Watching the committee hearing, and then seeing the debate in the house later that day had me on the edge of my seat. It was a great day. 

I love this job. I think about this everyday. But as much as I look forward to the new experiences that are on the horizon, I just want to freeze the moment. Instead, I’ve had to find a compromise: just live in the here and now, and soak up everything I can, because time really does fly when you’re having fun!

– Angela


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