Reflections on my First Placement

It is hard to believe that this week is the last in my current placement with Liberal MPP Helena Jaczek. The switch to the opposition side will help balance my educational experience in OLIP, because it will provide me with an understanding of important issues from a different perspective, and will provide me with a comparative view of approaches to issues when not in government. While I therefore look forward to this opportunity, I am also glad to have an opportunity, before switching, to reflect back on my first placement.

I had so many great experiences in my first placement, and I truly appreciate Helena and her staff for involving me in all aspects of their work. I particularly enjoyed visiting the riding, where I learned about constituency work, grasped a better understanding of local issues, attended events, and even helped participate in a Santa Clause parade. I am also very appreciative of the many opportunities to sit in on countless meetings, covering a myriad of subject areas. I certainly feel that, as a result of these opportunities to observe meetings, my grasp of important policy issues in Ontario has become much more thorough. It was also great to be involved in the daily workings of the office. I got to work on a number of writing and communications projects, and I certainly feel that my research and communications skills have improved greatly over the past four months. A recent highlight was attending the OGRA/ROMA conference.

More than anything else, I enjoyed getting to know Helena and her staff. They welcomed me into the office, made sure that I was always engaged and involved in various projects, and always worked to ensure that I had an amazing experience. I can say with absolute certainty that I did!

– Rosanne


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