Thoughts on Making the Big Switch!

Soon after beginning my placement with Dave Levac (Liberal MPP for Brant), I knew that leaving his office would be difficult given how fantastic my time with him has been. In the four short months that I’ve been in this office, I’ve truly learned so much – be it by working on various Private Member’s Bills, attending meetings with stakeholders and Ministers, spending time in his constituency office or getting an inside look at the job of an MPP by shadowing Mr. Levac throughout his tightly-scheduled days. Actually being involved in the day-to-day workings of provincial politics from the perspective of the governing Liberal party has shown me that, despite my academic background in political science, there is much about politics and public service I didn’t know coming into this, and none of it was stuff I could’ve learned in a classroom or from reading a book. We interns recently joked that this internship is essentially the equivalent to an “Everything You Need to Know about Ontario Politics” course, but there certainly is merit to such a comparison.

While I’ll miss being a member of “Team Levac,” the prospect of beginning work in my opposition placement definitely is exciting. Considering the rich educational and practical experience I’ve had in my government placement, I’m eager to complement what I’ve learned so far with the different insights and skills I’m sure to learn in opposition. It’s this combination of experience on both sides of the legislature which makes our time as interns so enriching, but also so unique, as few other internship programs allow for this dual perspective. Although it saddens me to leave Mr. Levac’s office, on the bright side, I’ve made some great contacts, gained a wealth of experience and I know that my opposition placement will be equally fulfilling. And besides, a little suspense for what awaits me only adds to the overall exciting nature of this internship program, and I am confident that this upcoming change will be a positive and stimulating one.

– Emma


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