The Launch for a New Leader

I imagine if you ask any intern about their day, they’ll each describe a set of events vastly different from the one before.  I can say, with relative certainty, that no intern has experienced a week like mine these past 5 days.


This week marks the occasion where the MPP I’m currently working for, Tim Hudak, chose to launch his campaign to become leader of Ontario’s Progressive Conservative Party. While interns are discouraged from taking part in any sort of partisan activity, it has been a fascinating week to observe. The lead up to the event was packed with excitement, stress and strategy but was well worth it on the actual day.


Tim and his 12 caucus supporters gathered together in the main foyer of the Legislature at 9:15am on April 2nd, to walk out on the front lawn as a unit.  The sky was a beautiful blue, the crowd was filled with people of all ages, from Tim’s 16 month old daughter Miller, to high school students, to veteran MPPs, and the media presence was impressive.  At 9:30am, Tim launched his intentions to become the next leader of a political party that at one time, reigned in Ontario for over 40 straight years.  He made a speech, took some questions and the campaign was off to the races!!


Later that day, along with Trish, Joel and Omar (Tim’s hard working Queen’s Park staff), I picked Tim up at his gorgeous home in the riding of Niagara-West Glanbrook.  We headed over to yet another rally at the Westbrook Greenhouse in Beamsville.  There, in front of a crowd of 300 plus people, Tim was endorsed by Rob Nicholson, Federal Attorney General; John Demick, President of Tim’s provincial riding; and Blair McCreadie, past president of the Ontario PC party.  It was fascinating to watch as hope and excitement filled the air along with the many “TIM(E) FOR CHANGE” posters.


When the rally was over, it was almost hard to believe the day had happened, and was coming to a close.  It was more like a blur of activity and running around.  Some of us stuck around to reminisce about the highlights of the day and talk politics, old and new.  I find it’s these conversations where I learn the most, and it’s these moments that I know will stay with me long after I leave Queen’s Park.  I didn’t get home that night until 1 am. I love being an intern.


– Chelsea


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