Natalie’s First Week

On the morning of September 9th I awoke with a big smile on my face, feeling completely refreshed and excited for the day that lay ahead of me….not!  The night before my first day at Queen’s Park left me sleepless, scared, and overwhelmed.  But that feeling didn’t last too long.  After the two tireless hours it took me to get ready and that treacherous first walk to work in heels, I arrived at Queen’s Park.  It couldn’t have been any longer than ten minutes before we ran into the Premier, Mr. McGuinty.  At that moment I thought, if we ran into the Premier within our first ten minutes at Queen’s Park, imagine what we would be experiencing and who we would be meeting over the entire period of ten months.

The rest of our first day, as well as the rest of our first week, echoed the excitement I felt within that first ten minutes.  On Wednesday we received our security passes making us feel as though we finally belonged, and were given a great welcome and introduction from Dr. Jacek, Eithne, Anne and Lorraine.  Friday marked our first meeting when we attended a breakfast at the Economic Club of Canada with Lisa Raitt as the key speaker.  Afterwords we spent the afternoon taking photos, and hilarity ensued.  Who would’ve ever thought I’d be jumping up and down barefoot on the lawn of Queen’s Park?

However, what really made the first week for me was the people I had encountered.  It was not just political figures such as the Premier or an MP that contributed to my experience, but my fellow interns and the entire OLIP administration.  I feel lucky to be able to work with such a great group of people, and can’t wait to experience the next ten months with them.  I mean, who else would change the arrangement of an entire photo just so that I could get on my ‘good side’?  I can say that after spending time with such a great group, the anxiety I felt on that first morning has subsided.  I can’t wait for what’s in store next!


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