Yuliya’s first three days

Despite having lived in Toronto for the past six years, the city started feeling new and almost strange as 10 of us, new Queen’s Park interns, are being familiarized with the Legislative building and Whitney Block in a tight flock. I am probably not the only one still confused if our passes should be shown every time we spot a security guard.

Besides getting used to the new walls, we are really getting to know each other: be it in a formal presentation or a time-filling movie game. The absence of MPPs in the legislature is a perfect time to transform 10 ambitious and passionate individuals into a tight and friendly team, so we are well prepared for our OLIP treadmill to start flying in just a few months.

The Economic Club of Canada reception has definitely become a highlight of the first three days of the internship (despite its 7am start). By having confused us with pages, Minister of Natural Resources Lisa Raitt only hardened us for any further confusion about the OLIP programme. And the only way to survive glorious 15 minute stay on the stage (waiting for the picture with the minister to be taken) was to imagine that I was about to give one of usual for me dance performances.

Even though there still so many questions left about the programme, it was very relieving to find out during the very first days that Anne and Loraine and Dr. Jacek of course promise to be an invaluable source of help and advices for the next tough and exciting year.


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