Interns learn the role consultants play in policy making

On Wednesday September 16, we had the pleasure of meeting with Paul Macmillan, a consultant and national public sector industry leader at Deloitte. Before that morning, I had only vague notions of what a consultant was, or what a consultant’s role in either the public or private sector was. I was surprised to learn that consulting indeed plays a valuable role in scrutinizing and evaluating policy initiatives before and after their implementation as well as in operational review of vital institutions in our communities, such as school boards. Hearing Mr. Macmillan’s thoughts on the complexities of value-money auditing was of particular relevance, given the recent focus on the expenditure issues concerning the OLG. Mr. Macmillan certainly opened my eyes to the role that consulting plays in bridging the public and private sector and that even though an organization is for profit, it can still serve the public good.


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