Interns attend their first reception as Interns

If the first week with OLIP taught us anything, enhanced feeling of confidence is definitely one of the things on the list. I walked into the Professional Engineers Reception with certainty as opposed to anxiety as it was the case during the Intern’s May Reception. All of us were able to approach someone new and not look anxiously for other sticking out young interns. Only in less than 30 minutes, I was able to meet three different persons including a staffer from Randy Hillier office; Howard Brown from Brown & Cohen Communications and Public Affairs and Subhi Alsayed – a senior engineer in Etobicoke Chapter. It was the latter who gave me a chance to practice once more introducing and describing our programme.

I noticed that once you start meeting people there is often some commonalities to be found, be it an ethnic background or a passion for French language. Once they come up the connection is effortlessly made. These commonalities are not always lying right on the surface. It is an art to dig them out and I have already met some artists who were able to transfer a five-minute conversation straight into my long-term memory. If I took out anything from the PEO Reception, it is the desire to master this art.


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