Meeting Ted Wigdor of the Certified General Accountants of Ontario

The second week of our internship was kicked off by a meeting with one of our sponsors. Ted Wigdor of the Certified General Accountants provided a great session on how to become comfortable in our roles as interns. He spoke frankly about the challenges we will face as new arrivals to Queen’s Park, but encouraged us to persevere in our personal goals, whatever they may be. Additionally, we were given insights into the legislative process through the eyes of a stakeholder. The most important issues were to demonstrate why an issue is in the public interest, to understand how the governmental process truly works, and lastly the maintenance of a non-partisan position. The interns learned great tips about the importance of networking, and the crucial act of ‘following-up’ on successful meetings in order to be truly effective.

Ted Wigdor’s meeting was the first in a series of meetings this past week, many of which provided insights into how private groups and associations may work at arms length of government, but still strive to change policy. However, one of the most important things Mr. Wigdor provided us was a face and a name to attach to the individuals and groups that make our year possible. The Ontario Legislature Internship Program would not be possible without our sponsors, and the opportunity to meet and learn from them is an additional benefit for all of the interns. Speaking on behalf of all of my fellow interns, I would like to thank Ted Wigdor for making us so comfortable in our first meeting, and starting off our year on the right foot.


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