Ryan Clarke – Advocacy Solutions

Whenever someone asks me how my experience in Queen’s Park has been so far, the first word that comes to mind is “overwhelming”, in a good way, of course. We are just being overwhelmed with the talent, experience and wisdom that virtually everyone we are meeting with offers. Last week, Ryan Clarke from Advocacy Solutions seemed to be one of the most “overwhelming” guests for me. Ryan has gone through an interesting career path from being a family lawyer (and hating it) to lobbying on behalf of GSK to a minister’s policy advisor and to finally teaching others how to advocate for themselves. He successfully demonstrated to us both of his pedagogical and presentational skills by his well-prepared lecture. What would make him a great university professor is the ability to take a complex idea and graciously transform it into a simple and crystal clear explanation. Even if we are not destined to engage in advocacy on a professional level, advocate’s key tool – ability to communicate clear message – is definitely going to be an asset for our stay in Queen’s Park. In conclusion, besides some valuable advocacy tricks I learnt an interesting fact about Canadians: it turns out, we are the best complainers in the world and the worst advocates at the same time!


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