GP Murray Research Ltd

This past week was full of more exciting meetings and fascinating orientation sessions, aimed with providing the interns a better understanding of the Queen’s Park environment. On Friday we were headed offsite to meet with Graham Murray and Ed Arundell. As President of G.P. Murray Research Limited, Mr. Murray was able to give us great insights into the Queen’s Park way of life, as he possesses a unique view of this world as the publisher of the Inside Queen’s Park newsletter. Moreover, Ed Arundell, being a past legislative intern in Ottawa, demonstrated how his internship experience evolved into a career of consulting and government relations.

The wealth of knowledge was invaluable, as both Graham Murray and Ed Arundell allowed the interns to pick their brains, as well as learn about their past experiences. The day was capped off by some of the interns joining Mr. Murray at a local Danforth pub, where we continued to talk about the hot topics of the day, which just so happened to be the announcement by Mayor David Miller that he would not be running in the next Toronto municipal election. Before our discussion could come to an end, Global TV showed up to interview Mr. Murray, as they seemed just as intrigued by his wealth of knowledge as we did. As our discussion resumed, following Mr. Murray’s interview, I believe that all the interns realized that this was truly a unique experience, and was also a great pleasure for all of us.

Thank you to both Graham Murray and Ed Arundell for making the end of our third week so memorable.


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