All the amazing people you will see…

And meet! As interns we have had some of the most amazing meetings… I was told beforehand that I would have the opportunity to meet some really interesting people, but I truly had no idea that I would be meeting top Canadian media personalities, Independent officers of the Assembly as well as various CEO’s of some of Canada’s top companies all within a matter of weeks. Over the past little while some of the individuals we have met with include Robert Fisher, Lisa Freedman, Dan O’Brien and Jason Hagan. Mr. Fisher is one of Canada’s foremost political media personalities, currently working as a radio host on CBC’s Radio One.  Robert Fisher has had a tremendous career, including the creation of “Focus Ontario” a show devoted entirely to politics in Ontario in addition to experience as a reporter in Montreal during the October Crisis, something which many of us only heard or read about. It was an incredible opportunity to speak with him and learn of his experiences as well as his insight into Queen’s Park. We also had the opportunity to meet with Lisa Freedman, Clerk of Journals and Procedural Research. This was a particularly helpful meeting as Lisa came prepared with a Top 10 list of tips for interns in addition to a brief overview of procedure in the Assembly. We certainly appreciated this meeting very much as the majority of us were fairly clueless with regards to procedure (and still have a lot to learn!). We also met with former intern and current policy analyst for Actra, Dan O’Brien. This was a great opportunity for the interns to ask a variety of questions, find out what his year was like and what he had been up to since. He was extremely personable and honest and we enjoyed meeting with him very much. Lastly, we met with Jason Hagan who is also a former intern and currently works for the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO). Not only did he give us the ‘inside scoop’ on life as an intern, he also provided us with a detailed account of AMO’s past initiatives and current projects, in addition to his position within the organization. He answered all of our questions and as someone who has always been very interested in municipal politics and issues, I truly enjoyed our meeting with him. We are now meeting with the various MPPs who have applied for an intern and will be making our choices very soon. More blogging to come!


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