Interns venture to Hill & Knowlton Canada

On September 30th the interns headed offsite to the offices of Hill & Knowlton Canada where we met up with former OLIP intern and current Hill & Knowlton employee Meghan Warby.  While enjoying a delicious lunch, we listened to an informative presentation given by Senior Vice President and General Manager Jeff Smith detailing the leading role that Hill & Knowlton plays as a communications consultancy.  We learnt that the firm’s main areas of involvement include marketing communications, corporate communications and public affairs.  We particularly focused on Hill & Knowlton’s role in government relations as a consultant lobbyist.  After discussing different forms of lobbying as well as different models of government relations, we specifically discussed the approach the Hill & Knowlton takes in these respects.  One of the more interesting things we discussed was the “opt-out” clause which allows Hill & Knowlton employees to opt out of any relations with clients when they see fit.  The interns found this quite interesting and unique, and it also substantiated the high regard that is held for Hill & Knowlton.  In addition to receiving some great information about the firm from several staff members, Meghan made sure to leave us with some great advice with regards to our internship.


One thought on “Interns venture to Hill & Knowlton Canada

  1. Interns!

    That better have been delicious lunch considering the insane delays! Thank you so much for being such gracious guests & asking fantastic questions. Please don’t tell the previous years’ interns, but your cohort was by far the smartest, coolest & sharpest dressed bunch 😉

    Your fan,

    p.s. Dr J should *not* quit his day job at McMaster for a career in photography 😛

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