Information & Privacy Commissioner of Ontario

Last week we had a pleasure to be introduced to another independent Legislature officer. The meeting with Ann Cavoukian, Information & Privacy Officer of Ontario, was especially anticipated after Ms. Cavoukian’s recent appearance in the press regarding the juror’s privacy violations. Is not it a beauty to be an intern and have a chance to personally ask questions about the story unfolding in front of us? Ann Cavoukian was proud to present, along with her informative lecture, a brand new report on the juror’s case, which took an incredible mobilisation of all the possible resources of the Privacy Commissioner team. If anyone had any remaining impression that independent officer’s work was more or less balanced, I can now confidently say that it is not the case.

In addition to the breaking news discussion, Privacy Commissioner made sure to emphasize two very important and sometimes conflicting aspects of her job: freedom of information on one side and protection of privacy on the other. She also sparked our curiosity by introducing the concept of Privacy by Design, which strives to make privacy an organization’s default mode of operation and not just compliance with regulatory frameworks.

We thank Ann Cavoukian as well as her colleagues, Ken Anderson (Assistant Commissioner – Privacy) and Brian Beamish (Assistant Commissioner – Access) for their time and dedication to create a memorable and informative afternoon for the OLIP interns.


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