First day with Amrit Mangat

I’d never been to Mississauga. I’m bad with directions. And so I set off to Mississauga with my route jotted down on a Post-it last Wednesday, hoping that I would end up in the right spot. Thankfully (and somewhat surprisingly), after an hour and a half of jumping from one bus to the next, I found myself standing in front of a building with an MPP Amrit Mangat sign affixed to it. Success! I knocked at the door and was greeted by four of her staff who, concerned for my warmth, ran out for some hot chocolate and then set me to work right away. I like fast-paced offices, and I believe I’ve found my match. Already having dove into a number of projects, I imagine it will only continue to get busier and in turn more interesting as the weeks go by. I was also very pleased to start my first day on the job in the constituency office, for, as so many MPPs have told us, it’s not Queen’s Park that elects you, it’s your constituency.  Having the opportunity to interact with the constituency staffers as well as gain some insight on the everyday issues they deal with was very instructive. Tomorrow will mark my first day in the Queen’s Park office where I’m hoping to meet with Mrs. Mangat and learn more about her goals and objectives for the next four months and where I can help.


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