My First Week in the Office of Randy Hillier

My First Week in the Office of Randy Hillier – Matt

Starting my first day in the office of Randy Hillier on October 14th, I was very nervous. Though Randy himself was not there because it was constituency week, Nick, his Executive Assistant, was very welcoming. He got me set up with an email address and workstation, and also brought me around to meet several PC staff members and personnel, which was greatly appreciated. Almost immediately I was given work to do, and one week later I have not yet stopped. The Monday after constituency week Randy was back at Queen’s Park, and he seemed thrilled to have me aboard the team. He even took Nick and I out for a pint after our first full day together and we discussed some issues his riding is currently facing, as well as Northern Ontario, given that it is part of his portfolio. Although I’m still hesitant to make any real decision without first consulting someone, I’m slowly but surely learning the ins and outs of the office. It will definitely take some getting used to working on something, then being told something else of higher priority has come up, pushing the first job aside, only to have a third task unexpectedly pop up. Alas, I have entered the world of Queen’s Park.


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