Jim’ Wilsons Office

      My first few days in Mr. Wilson’s office have been a whirlwind of activity.  On day one I was asked to prepare a twenty-minute speech that Mr. Wilson had to give in the House the following day. After frantically trying to locate some information I proceeded to write the speech, and after some much needed corrections (it sounded too much like an essay, so said Mr. Wilson’s EA, Dave), I had the work completed and handed off to Mr. Wilson to read in the legislature.  Mr. Wilson’s speech in the legislature went off without a hitch, partly because of the information I provided, but mostly because of the wonderful ability that Mr. Wilson has of being able to speak without notes and on a wide variety of issues. My time following my first day has been spent meeting with some stakeholders and other members of the PC caucus. I am thrilled to be working in MPP Jim Wilson’s office, and I look forward to the months ahead!


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