Receptions at Queen’s Park

One of the hidden gems working at Queen’s Park provides is receptions.  Since arriving in our respective offices in October, the interns have had the pleasure of attending receptions, thereby meeting tons of new people.  Associations across the province and industry groups hold receptions normally at the end of their ‘action-day’ at Queen’s Park.  Attending these receptions allows the interns to highlight the internship programme, and yes, there is some shameless self-promotion. Receptions are a great way to learn about interest groups and their concerns, as well as allowing people who work at the legislature to get outside of the ‘Queen’s Park’ bubble.  From my perspective, the most successful receptions are the ones where members aggressively pitch their ‘message’ to MPPs and their staff.  The interns always enjoy receptions because it allows us to meet wonderful and interesting people, as well as have some food after a long days work.  Receptions at Queen’s Park are truly a hidden gem of the legislature, which one cannot learn about in a textbook; it must be experienced first hand.


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