Visiting the Riding

Remembrance Day Ceremony in St. Isidore

Remembrance Day Ceremony in St. Isidore

On Sunday November 8th, 2009 I began my trip to Mr. Lalonde’s riding at a Remembrance Day Ceremony in Vankleek Hill. Since there were so many other ceremonies taking place that day and his riding being so vast, I was asked to represent him at the ceremony and speak on his behalf. I was extremely honored to be able to do this, as he is an extremely respected man in his riding (and certainly at Queen’s Park and beyond). While the rest of my day consisted of a brief tour of the area, the following few days proved to be extremely busy and interesting. On Monday I was able to spend some time working in his Rockland office, which allowed me to gain new insight in his work. I met constituents, responded to their concerns and questions via email and phone and also met some of his extremely welcoming and personable staff. I took a crack at my first press release and spent a lot of time learning about some of the current local issues.

At St Albert Cheese Factory

At St Albert Cheese Factory

That evening Mr. Lalonde picked myself and friend Olivia up (my previous roommate and Rockland resident!) and took us to the St. Albert cheese factory where we got a tour of the factory. We had to go at night because that is when they make it so that it can be packaged and freshly delivered to numerous stores and restaurants.  The rest of my trip consisted of visiting his office in Hawkesbury, a breakfast with retired teachers, a visit to a local hospital, a trip to the ‘capitale de la patate frite’ and many Remembrance Day ceremonies. Despite being there for four days, I could instantly realize how respected Mr. Lalonde is in his community and riding. He works tirelessly to respond to their questions and to pretty much attend every single event he can make it to.  I truly enjoyed my time in Glengarry-Prescott-Russell and the insight it gave me into both the riding and the political process as a whole in Eastern Ontario.


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