Interns Watch The Hour

I am a huge fan of The Hour. So when we arrived on a sunny, November afternoon at the CBC studios to watch a taping, I was really excited. I’m happy to say we were not disappointed. Everything from the studio set up, to the guy-who-keeps-the-audience-entertained was incredibly fun, and the guests on the show were a pleasure to watch as well.  Since the OLIP interns are political junkies, guest Sheila Fraser, the Auditor General of Canada, was a special treat. Although, I think the ten of us were the only audience members who were actually interested in seeing her (or maybe knew who she was).  The other guests on the show included Cory Monteith from the hit Fox comedy Glee as well as winners from CBC’s Battle of the Blades, Jaime Sale and Craig Simpson. George Stroumboulopoulos was excellent (of course) and very personable with the audience. We even got a photo with him at the end of the show. Yeah, this most definitely lived up to my expectations!


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