PIP Visit – Christiana

On Monday, November 21st the Parliamentary Interns (our federal counterparts) arrived in Toronto for a three-day visit of the legislature and its actors. They would spend the next few days running from one end of the city to the other to make back-to-back meetings with a sampling of some of Ontario politics’ finest players. From meeting with such figures as George Smitherman, Elizabeth Witmer and Professor Peter Russell, to being introduced in the legislature by the Speaker, to attending a taping of ‘The Hour,’ they left Wednesday night extremely tired but extremely happy with their visit! The OLIP interns were thrilled to have the PIPs visit and above and beyond each one of us escorting them to a meeting or two, delighted to be able to spend a night at the Foxes Den discussing and dissecting the happenings of the Hill and the Park. (It’s not everyday that you get twenty political junkies at one table!) We look forward to visiting them in the winter and grabbing a beaver tail in the capital.


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