Matt’s Placement Update

The unthinkable has happened… I am now without a sitting member! Without an M.P.P. in the House, what’s an intern to do? I am so confused, panicked, and lost… Okay, maybe it’s not as dramatic as all that, but Randy Hillier’s recent sit-in and subsequent suspension from the House certainly made for an interesting week. As if I thought Randy’s office could not have become any more exciting… On Monday of last week, Randy and fellow PC Member Bill Murdoch called out the government for ramming through the HST legislation, and then refused to leave the House. After the Sergeant-at-Arms was prevented from removing both Randy and Mr. Murdoch, the Speaker dealt each of them a suspension until the House prorogues. But it did not end there. For the next two days and two nights, Randy remained in the House; only leaving his seat to use the washroom in the Member’s Lobby and get some shut-eye on the Lobby couches. For me, most of those few days were spent answering calls from media anxious to speak to Randy, as well as regular people calling to congratulate Randy on his courageous actions. I also spent much of those few days running from the office to the Member’s Lobby and back again, providing Randy with essentials and other supplies. It was an exciting week, to say that least.


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