OSSTF Reception

On December the 1st, the interns were delighted to attend a reception hosted by one of our sponsors- the Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation (OSSTF). After having visited their headquarters in the North-East end of Toronto a few months back, the interns were eager to say hello to familiar faces. Craig Brockwell, who was our initial contact with the OSSTF, was one familiar face who had the time to chat with us as we periodically bumped into him throughout the day. At the reception, he kindly invited us to partake in the food, and interact with some of the local representatives from around the province.

Speaking with local representatives, we were able to extend our thanks to a long-standing sponsor of OLIP. It is thanks to sponsors like the OSSTF that the interns able to take part in some phenomenal experiences. As the year progresses and we visit legislatures in Ottawa, Quebec City, the southern U.S., and even London, England, the 2010 interns will always remember that it’s our sponsors who make these opportunities possible.


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