Meeting Andrea Horwath

Even though our orientation is long over and we are all running around with our office duties, we still keep meeting and getting to know all the important people in Queen’s Park. I would say these meeting are becoming even more interesting and exciting now as we are crafting our questions more carefully and, of course, more critically. Just a few weeks ago we met the leader of the NDP party – Andrea Horwath. Meeting Andrea – a woman in politics and a leader of the smallest caucus – was our dream since day one at Queen’s Park. So what did we carry out of that one hour meeting that flew by so quickly. Well, let me start here…

We got a chance to not only talk in person to a strong and successful politician, but to meet an open and sincere person, even a mentor to all of us, I would say. One of the questions I personally had to ask was what she thought of a belief that with age people tend to move to the right of a political spectrum. The answer she had will always stay with me. Ms. Horwath responded that it is not necessarily a political philosophy that that places people on the spectrum, but rather their actions. Everything that the NDP leader has been doing – from volunteering in a legal clinic to ESL training to active involvement in municipal politics and of course to party leadership – proves her beliefs to be perfectly in line with her activities.

We all came with different questions into that meeting, but all came out feeling very similarly: we were able to relate to Andrea personally. It was not only those who shared a hometown or a volunteer place with her, but every single one who spent just a few minutes interacting with Andrea Horwath.


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