Meeting John Tory

Last Friday the interns met with ‘former leader of the Progressive Conservatives now turned radio show host’ John Tory. What was initially intended to be only an hour-long meeting went just over two, as we threw question after question at Mr. Tory and dove into all that is federal, provincial and municipal politics. While the meeting in its entirety was extremely interesting (the failure to abide by our initial time limitation perhaps an indication of this), what stuck with me was the emphasis he placed on legislators moving past the partisan rhetoric and working together on certain issues if the legislature is to be an effective body. Mr. Tory is not the first of former politicians we’ve met with who has called for the dulling of party lines and the need for each side of the legislature to listen to one another. David Warner, Speaker under the Bob Rae government is just one example. We are taught in our Civics classes and then our Political Science courses of the importance of party ties/loyalty/discipline, and yet all of the former politicians (regardless of their political leanings) we’ve met with seem to echo each other’s sentiments that it is this very dedication that spoils the goals of good governance.  A little food for thought I suppose…


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