“Eh-Oh Canada Go!!”

As part of my placement in MPP Jean-Marc Lalonde’s office, I helped plan the Dec 9th, Olympic celebration at Queen’s Park. This event took place last week and consisted of all of the members wearing the official Olympic mitts during Question Period as well as in a photo on the grand staircase afterwards. The planning for this event was an extremely useful learning opportunity for me; I learned about protocol, process and politics. There were many steps that had to be taken in the planning of this photo. Security had to approve of the event, tourism had to contact the Vancouver Olympics committee to ensure that we had their permission and much of the organization with regards to the photo and communication with the members had to be undertaken by the Speaker’s office because the event was meant to be non-partisan and held here at QP. During the early planning stages of this event, Jean-Marc and I went to the Bay in search of Olympic merchandise only to find that all of the merchandise was made in China. We were both very shocked and disappointed by this, but decided to go with the mittens none the less as a portion of all proceeds are donated to support Canadian athletes, which was precisely the point of the event. The NDP was also surprised at this and decided that they would not wear the red mittens and instead wore Canada-made red gloves. Despite these complications, it was a great success overall and certainly a lot of fun! I was personally placed directly behind the photographer, holding a sign that read “Eh-Oh, Canada Go!!” which all of the members repeated loudly during the photo. Jean-Marc worked tirelessly on this event and in the end, it definitely paid off. By doing this event, we not only created a fun and unique opportunity for all members, we additionally did a really good thing for Canadian athletes.


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