A Day at the Professional Engineers of Ontario (PEO)

Last week the interns had the opportunity to visit PEO headquarters for the day. As sponsors, the interns have been privileged to meet with PEO representatives a number of times over our ten-month internship, including the PEO conference that the interns attended in early April. PEO has a keen interest in Ontario politics, particularly since the organization aims to have eleven engineers elected into the Legislature by 2011. The purpose of our trip this time was to have an open conversation about the best way to engage engineers in the political process. Given that our internship is comprised of young people, the focus was how to engage youth. We all were quite animated in our responses regarding this issue, given that youth engagement in the formal political process has been a recurring theme that has treaded itself into many of our meetings over the year. Not only were we able to have an open and engaging conversation regarding this subject and put some concrete ideas on paper, the interns were also exposed to the intricate dynamics of PEO operations and networks. We found this workshop to be informative, educational and greatly appreciated working with PEO representatives, Marisa Sterling, Kim Allen and Nathan Brown for the day. We know that PEO will continue to be a huge supporter of OLIP in the future and wish them enormous luck in achieving their goal of eleven in eleven next year!


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