The end of week two

Interns with Kathleen Waters

This past Friday we had the privilege of meeting with Kathleen Waters, President & CEO of LAWPro, at their beautiful downtown Toronto office.  Ms. Waters was able to synthesize a number of complicated legal and insurance issues her firm deals with in a way which provided for plenty of interesting discussion.   I particularly found it fascinating discussing the amount of fraudsters the industry sees on a daily basis, and the methods which it employs to detect and counter-act these schemes.

Interns with Mark Smithyes

We also had a meeting with Mark Smithyes, Manager at Novartis Pharmaceuticals Canada. We viewed a presentation Mr. Smithyes had prepared and then engaged in a thorough discussion of the pharmaceutical industry and the issues it deals with in Canada as well as globally. Canada has become a leader in pharmaceutical innovation and it was nice to get an insider’s perspective into the industry.

Interns with Chris Morley

Friday also featured our second OLIP Committee meeting (thanks to Katie for bringing the snacks!), as well as a meeting with Chris Morley, Chief of Staff to Premier McGuinty.  Chris is a former intern and it was fascinating to get a glimpse into his busy life.  The programme continues to move at a torrid pace, but I am having an amazing time soaking up as much information as possible and can’t wait to see what the coming weeks bring!


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