Lexpert Zenith Pro Bono Legal Awards

On Monday 27th September there was wild excitement amongst the interns at the news that five tickets were available for the Lexpert Zenith Pro Bono Legal Awards at the Royal York the following night. Most of us really wanted to be a part of the first opportunity to mingle in elite circles, and due to the level of competition we decided that the only way to work out who was going was by drawing names out of a hat. And so it was, Erica, Mel, Mike, Charlie and I were selected. Disappointment beckoned for the others at missing this opportunity, but there will be plenty of other chances in the future. So we arrived at the Royal York the following evening with the girls looking particularly glamorous. We walked into a beautiful room decked head to toe in exotic décor, with staff serving delicious appetizers and drinks. Eventually we took our seats and the evening began with a moving and inspiring speech from co-founder of War Child Canada Samantha Nutt. Following Ms Nutt’s words we were served a five course meal which was simply amazing and a far cry from anything you could expect to see coming from my kitchen. We had breads, mushroom soup, mozzarella salad, steak and salmon with roasted vegetables and a chocolate mousse. Wow. After the meal we took in the awards ceremony, and paid tribute to dozens of hardworking individuals who fight to uphold the rule of law and make our society a safer and better place. And that was that. As the night ended there was unanimous agreement that we were so lucky to be a part of this programme, and could not wait for the many more opportunities to experience such evenings in the future. Thanks to Sheena Weir and the Law Society of Upper Canada for giving us that chance. We all thoroughly appreciated it and really enjoyed it.


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