Natalie on joining Jean-Marc Lalonde’s office

We had multiple meetings with MPPs this week, on top of pre-scheduled meetings with other figures such as the Ontario Ombudsman. At times, I definitely felt like I was involved in some sort of crazy OLIP endurance race. Nonetheless, it was great to have the opportunity to sit down and speak to a diverse group of MPPs, all of whom bring such a range of knowledge and experience to their positions. Now that our placement decisions have been finalized, it’s nice to be able to visualize this year a little better. I’m happy and excited to be starting work in Jean-Marc Lalonde’s office on Tuesday. While it’s always a little nerve-wracking to be starting a new job, Mr. Lalonde and his staff were very positive and welcoming. One of my objectives for this term is to challenge myself to work outside of my comfort zone, by taking on projects in subject areas that I don’t have a prior knowledge, and by practicing my French in the office as much as I can.


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