Mike on joining Dave Levac’s office

This week I begin my placement in the office of Dave Levac, the Liberal MPP for Brant. I could not be more excited about the opportunity. Mr. Levac (or Dave, as he’s already told me to call him) has had interns in the past and all have given him great reviews. Dave is one of the busier Private Members on the Liberal side, and has many responsibilities. He is currently the Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Energy, and during my placement I will be based out of the Ministry’s office. With the promient role energy policy is poised to play in Ontario’s future, I assume there will be lots of research opportunities for me to dive into. Dave has also proposed more Private Member’s Bills than any other MPP in this session of the legislature, and has said that he would be pleased to introduce one of my own design if I am willing to put the work into researching and drafting. I’m also looking forward to working with Chris Yaccato, Dave’s executive assistant. As interns, we’re here to learn about how our elected representatives contribute to the democratic process, and I am sure that Dave’s office will be the place to do just that.

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