Sasha on joining Rosario Marchese’s office

Well, the eagerly anticipated results are in, and I’ll be working for Rosario Marchese, MPP for Trinity-Spadina, for the next four months. I’m very excited about my placement, and can’t wait for it to start. I know Mr. Marchese’s riding well, as I grew up just three blocks north of its border (in St. Paul). It’s an incredibly diverse and cosmopolitan riding and I know that it will present a lot of tough challenges in terms of constituency work. With regard to Queen’s Park work, Mr. Marchese recently brought forward private member’s legislation calling for an overhaul of the Condominium Act, so I’m sure I’ll be working on that a good deal. It’s definitely a new field for me, but I look forward to getting to know the issues. I’m really excited about sinking my teeth into some education policy research, which is one of Mr. Marchese’s critic portfolios. I have lots of ideas on different directions to go, and I’m interested to hear Mr. Marchese’s take on the possibilities.


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