Back at Queen’s Park

I had to leave Timmins to come back to work at Queen’s Park, but it turned out to be just as exciting! After my second week working with Mr. Bisson, I’m finding myself with several projects on the go at the same time. There are many new people to talk to every day and very little time to stop and think how much I’m enjoying it –except when it comes time to write my blog! There hasn’t been a typical day yet –but I’m constantly reviewing the news, job-shadowing Mr. Bisson in meetings and contacting the legislative library with research questions. I’ve come to learn a lot more about Multiple Sclerosis treatments, biomass plants and transportation issues than I would have imagined. Mr. Bisson has been an excellent resource for understanding the legislative process and Northern politics and his Queen’s Park EA, Kevin, has helped me to learn more about house proceedings and behind-the-scenes on several occasions. So far I’ve learned the importance of paying attention to every detail and writing in a style that is less academic and more for public appeal.


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