Committee Meetings

This week, I attended my first Committee meeting, as MPP Jean-Marc Lalonde sits on the Standing Committee on Social Policy. During this particular meeting of the Committee, there was a clause-by-clause consideration of Bill 101, which aims to provide greater monitoring in prescribing and dispensing of narcotics. It was interesting to see first-hand how the balancing (and sometimes competing) interests of the parties affects the law-making process, as well as how stakeholder considerations are factored into the proposition of legislation amendments.

Since Mr. Lalonde’s riding is composed of various cantons (each of which is governed by a separate mayor), working in this office has also given me an opportunity to see how politicians at the provincial level liaise and cooperate with mayors who preside within their ridings. On a related tangent, given the municipal elections that took place this week, it will be interesting to watch in the upcoming year as the new mayor of Toronto transitions into his role and works with the provincial government to achieve common objectives for Torontonians. As well, this week I am preparing research and writing a draft of a Member’s statement for Mr. Lalonde, which is giving me an opportunity to gain insight into a new subject area.


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