Visiting Glengarry-Prescott-Russell

This past week, I had an opportunity to visit Jean-Marc Lalonde’s riding, Glengarry-Prescott-Russell. I was only in the riding for three days, but it feels like over a week because of how much ground we covered each day. Visiting the riding gave me context as to the issues I was working on in the Queen’s Park office. I met with numerous constituents and visited many community groups and organisations. M. Lalonde gave a press conference on private electricity retailers and the implementation of greater consumer protection through Bill 235, which will come into force the 1st of January. Helping to prepare for this gave me ample insight into the energy sector. I attended a dinner with prominent Ontario liberals and had the opportunity to meet new people and listen to enlightening speeches by current MPPs. We attended five remembrance day ceremonies in two days, and I was able to meet with people from the community including some of the mayors of the various townships and villages that are encapsulated in the riding. I was also able to take time to honour our veterans and soldiers who are currently serving terms overseas. We also found time to see some Gillette farms, the St. Albert cheese store and factory, and the Perrault vineyard, where I sampled some great local food. The best part of the trip was watching M. Lalonde interact with his constituents, because it truly evidenced his commitment to his role as provincial representative. Each time we walked into a diner or a cafe, he knew at least three quarters of the other guests, and he would make sure to greet each one before we left. I am happy to be going home, although I had a great trip, because attending all these events and meeting so many people was exhausting!


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