A busy week

This past week was a whirlwind of after-work events for the interns,
including the Churchill Society Dinner, the OLIP Reception and a panel
discussion on the place of Ontario in the Canadian Federation hosted
by the Mowat Centre for Policy Innovation.
As the chair of the receptions committee, this made for an especially
busy week, but it was well worth it as our first reception of the
internship was a huge success. We had an excellent turnout at the
reception, which continued well past the official 7pm end time (and
ended with an invitation to the Speaker’s apartment, which was a very
exciting moment for me). We all really enjoyed the opportunity to chat
with sponsors, MPPs, OLIP alumni, legislature staff, honorary interns
and friends of the program, who we were all so glad were able to make
it out to our reception. After having attended so many receptions at
Queen’s Park so far, it was a very cool experience to be on the other
side of things as the hosts. The reception also served as the official
unveiling of the intern magazine, which turned out beautifully.
Despite my exhaustion at the end of it all, it was definitely a
formative and fun week.


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