Organizing a Lobby Day

On Monday the 15th, I helped arrange for a group of parents of children with diabetes to come in to Queen’s Park. They came to speak to MPPs about the difficulties their children face while trying to manage their disease while in school. These include the physical problems, like figuring out when to check blood sugar levels or when to eat, as well as social obstacles while trying to keep up with their classmates. For very young children, they need to be supervised by adults who can identify the warning signs of a crash. But in Ontario, not all schoolboards are required to create protocols for ensuring diabetic children have their needs integrated into the classroom. That’s why these parents were speaking to MPPs about supporting Dave Levac’s Private Member’s Bill, Bill 5, The Bill of Rights For Pupils with Diabetes Act. The Act ensures diabetic children have the right to do what is necessary to manage their disease and stay healthy, and mandates that the schoolboards must implement policies to protect the rights of the child. The parents were passionate about their cause, and left an impact on all MPPs they met. The CBC aired a spot on their efforts, and they even inspired a member of the Opposition to raise the matter in Question Period. It was definitely a powerful day and I hope their efforts lead to some movement on the issue in the near future.


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