Attending Town Hall Meetings

This week I was able to attend a town hall meeting in Stratford hosted by the organization ‘Farmers Matter.’ Mr. Hardeman was asked to sit on the panel to answer questions as well as provide a short speech on the domestic equality for farmer support programs. It was quite an amazing event. Over 800 farmers turned out and packed the Stratford Rotary Complex until it was standing room only. The topics ranged from cost structure and the economic implications of a changing agricultural landscape, to food safety and labeling, and finally sustaining a future for agriculture. Although times have been tough for Ontario farmers (especially those with livestock) over the last few years, it was amazing to see the positive attitude that many of the attendees displayed. Despite the bad times, the community really seems to support one another and is genuinely interested in finding solutions. It was a great educational opportunity for me as I learned quite a bit about farming in Ontario. Farmers provide food for us every day that is both safe and high quality, and we really don’t do enough to thank them and look out for their interests.


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