Recruitment at Ryerson – My alma mater

I have been working with fellow intern and Chair of Recruitment, Natalie, to arrange an OLIP presentation at Ryerson University – my alma mater. I thought it was important not only to facilitate OLIP’s exposure but also ensure that the program becomes accessible to students in disciplines outside of politics, public policy and administration. I would very much include Urban Planning in this category of disciplines with principles very much related to and dependent on the political process at Queen’s Park. If this presentation at Ryerson inspires students to include OLIP as a viable post-graduate career option which would add value to their professional experience…then I think we have done our jobs as ambassadors of the program. As we near the half-way point in this internship, with one MPP placement, numerous meetings with distinguished professionals and a Quebec City-Ottawa trip under our collective belt…it becomes increasingly clear that we have been fortunate in gaining access to an invaluable network of people and resources which will grant us a competitive advantage in our professional pursuits. I am looking forward to reassuring Ryerson’s political science, policy, public administration and especially the urban planning students that they are in fact more than potential applicants but OLIP interns-in-training.


One thought on “Recruitment at Ryerson – My alma mater

  1. Gul Bacha says:

    Hi Lisa, I am interested in the olip program, I read your thoughts in the olip magazine also, could you please email me certain things to know and the suitability for my application towards this program as i am a food safety & quality assurance(FSQA) graduate from university of Guelph. My e-mail is

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