Diving into the role of the Parliamentary Assistant

I was fortunate enough to be placed in the office of MPP Ted McMeekin, from the riding of Ancaster-Dundas-Flamborough-Westdale, who is also the Parliamentary Assistant (PA) to Training, Colleges and Universities (TCU). In this placement, I have had the opportunity to engage with TCU staff on current policies and programs changing post-secondary education in Ontario. I have contributed to research packages outlining provincial investments in OSAP reform, apprenticeships and Second Career among many other initiatives. Accompanying Mr. McMeekin to events organized or sponsored by TCU has exposed me to the critical role of stakeholder relations in policy formulation. In these meetings, the PA can connect personally with stakeholders in order to better assess the impact of policy and political decision-making. As the government continues to introduce changes to the structure of student financial assistance in Ontario, it becomes increasingly important to monitor the impacts of these policy tools. I have spent this past week working with the Minister’s staff on numerous files related to this portfolio. This insider’s perspective has given me a better understanding of how staff coordinates to support program delivery as per the government platform. Despite the flooding of our offices in Mowat Block this week, I have managed to remain focused on completing my tasks.


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