Five Premiers down, one to go

As chair of Meetings’ Committee, one of my goals was to meet with all living former Premier’s of Ontario. During Orientation Month we had the opportunity to meet Dalton McGuinty (… yes, I know, he’s not “former”, but I’m counting him anyways). In early winter we had the chance to meet Bill Davis. I was a little worried about getting a hold of Bob Rae, but the Ottawa Interns took care of that hurdle for us, which brought the count up to three.

This week, we made it five. On Wednesday February 2nd, we meet with Ernie Eves. Mr. Eves, who was premier after Harris, gave us a lot to think about. My favourite quotable moment was when Mr. Eves remarked, “In politics, perception is reality”. He gave a thorough analysis of the current leaders of the PC, Liberal and NDP parties, as well as the upcoming election.

On Thursday Feb 3rd, despite the much touted ‘snowstorm’, we met with David Peterson. Meeting with Mr. Peterson was incredibly timely, as he was involved in the 2003 negotiations between the federal government and the Northwest Territories concerning the devolution of powers, which was just signed in January of this year. As we are going to Yellowknife in a week and a bit (Hurray!), we really enjoyed hearing about the discussions, as well as the different levels of politics in NWT.

So that brings us to five. My mission is almost complete! Now all we must do is wait until April when we’re scheduled to meet Mr. Harris.


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