So long Timmins-James Bay…

In my last week travelling through the riding I took 8 separate flights that were at least an hour, several more driving along the highways and made it through temperatures of minus 43. It was another amazing experience. Gilles and I travelled up to Fort Albany First Nation (450 km north of Timmins) on Friday January 28th to attend a 10th anniversary celebration for the opening of their new school Peetabeck Academy. Peetabeck was built to replace the former St. Anne’s school, which had been a residential school (1903-73) for Ojibwa and Cree children in the region. While we were visiting Peetabeck I had the opportunity to talk to students and teachers and learned about the value of the new school and the increasing number of graduates. Gilles gave a speech and congratulated the community on coming together and building the new school. He spoke about his experience as a young francophone and the value retaining his language brought to his life; for students at Peetabeck learning to communicate in Cree also brings this to their lives.


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