Last Week in the Office – Mike

This was my last week with MPP Levac, as our 1st placements were wrapping up. Unfortunately for me (but not for him!), he was on vacation and so I didn’t get a chance to see him. The week was filled with wrapping up loose ends, and making sure that the rest of the staff were aware of things that we on-going. For the last few weeks I had been working on a newsletter that will be sent out to the riding. I wrote the articles, chose the pictures and designed the layout. About an hour before I was to leave the office, the Liberal Party’s graphic designer sent me the finished draft. It looks great, and I was happy to get a look at the result of my hard work before I left. I had an incredible experience working for Mr. Levac, and with his staff Chris, Heather, Tina, Bob and Sherri. I got to do things I never thought I would: work on legislation about exotic animals, write weekly op-eds, and plan a Ukrainian award ceremony. It’s sad to go, but I’m also excited for what’s ahead: my opposition placement, which will give me an entirely different look at the political process. And of course, our trip to Yellowknife next week, which is a once in a lifetime experience. Even though our time as interns is half over, I know there are still amazing experiences to be had!


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